Wonder of Job Posting Site

If you are an employer, you probably know all too well how difficult it can be at times to find new employees. It can also be expensive, if you use services such as employment agencies or expensive advertising. What if you could find a way to advertise job openings for your company without having to pay a fee? Now you can, with JobQuest365!

JobQuest365 is a free job posting site that connects employers to job seekers in a professional, yet fun environment. You can post all your job listings, review resumes and even communicate with potential job candidates – all for free! Here’s how it works:

  • Company Profile

Set up your company profile, which lists your professional background, achievements, etc. so job seekers can apply to the position that is right for them.

  • Create Job Postings

Create and post jobs according to your company’s current needs, including required skills for each position. Each posting will be live for two weeks, ensuring that listings stay current and don’t become outdated.

  • Alternative Postings

You also have the option of posting project-based job positions, if only short-term assistance is needed.

  • Job Status Tracking

The status of all postings is available to check at any time. You will receive notifications for the applications you receive and have the following options for each candidate: Accept, Reject, Schedule for Interview or Shortlist. You will also be notified of messages from job candidates and when the listing is about to expire.

  • Messaging Function

You can use this function to chat with potential employees and get to know them better before making any hiring decisions.

If you’re frustrated with your current process of seeking and hiring new employees, JobQuest365 may be the solution for you. You can post any job listing, along with requirements and qualifications, view resumes and communicate with potential employees in a fun, user-friendly environment. We take the hassle and guesswork out of hiring, as well as the cost. Try JobQuest365 today to find your ideal employees of tomorrow!