What is Water Well Screens

A water well screen is a good length of PVC pipe with many slits in it that allow for water to penetrate it to be pumped up into the well. There are in fact hundreds of these slits to allow for as much water to enter the water screen as possible.

How is a water well screen used?

The water well screen as defined above is placed at the bottom of the well where water enters in order to make sure that it functions to keep out sand, stones and other debris with the purpose of preventing them from creating a catastrophic obstruction in a good flow of water into the well that is needed for consumption by the owner of the well for various uses that require water. In other words, the water well screen allows for more water to be able to flow freely over an expanded surface without being trapped away from the pipe because of obstruction caused mostly by sand.

When should you use a water well screen?

It really is highly recommended that you implement the usage of a water well screen right at the beginning of the time that you construct your well to know that you have the peace of mind and the guarantee that your well water will flow freely without obstruction from sand and debris that could keep the necessary water supply from getting to you when you are really counting on water for such things as bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry, drinking it, using it for cooking, cleaning the house, watering your lawn and flowers, watering your garden, washing your car, filling your swimming pool, cooling your dog down on a hot day, providing water to your pets, bathing your pets and all your other water needs.

Some people do not resort to using a well water screen until they have a problem with water obstruction and flow. But that is more costly to install it when there is problem than if it was done right at the beginning of the construction of the well.