How to Sell Search Engine Optimization SEO Services

Do you want to improve your website’s visitors? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one method you should use. It involves using tactics, techniques and premium strategies to increase visitors to your site. Through these means, a customer obtains high results of your website pages in their Search Engine Result Pages SERP in Google.

Three ways of selling SEO services are:

How to Sell SEO Services

1) Use Keywords

You should keep in mind those online clients such for keywords that are relevant to their businesses or what they are searching. That means that you should optimize the keywords that your search engine clients use. Being able to know your customers searching keywords requires a lot of research and analysis and important for SEO Singapore.

You should look out for what consumers are looking for through frequently asked questions on print media, email, and television among other forms of media.

2) Business Needs

You should understand your client’s business needs. For example, you should know whether their business involves selling products or services. Their online reviews should also be another place to get to know what their customers are searching.

One proven way to increase visitors to a company’s website is to start prize competitions. For example, you can offer that for every product sold, there will be a number to send to the companies contact number. You should also add that they should get more details on the company’s website.

Using this strategy and the finding what keywords they are using to search your companies website, you should be able to analyze their needs and patterns.

3) Website Re-Designing

Another point to note when selling search engine optimization services is checking out your customer’s website designs. You should check how they are marketing their products on these sites as well the revenue generated online.

These will enable you to suggest redesigning their websites for better SEO results. This information is useful as it allows you to ask your clients whether they are okay with their current conversion rates.


Using the above SEO selling tips, you should be able to increase your client’s online profile. The result will be more searches on their websites resulting in increased revenue and searches.