How Should My Company Choose Which Free Job Sites to Post on?

When choosing the best free job advertising sites to market a job opening, there are several things that one might consider. The following is a list of tips in choosing the best sites to market a post to maximize one’s results:

  1. Go to the Search Engines

Try to go to major search engines and type in the keywords regarding a job search. Then, make a list of the names of the job sites that come up. The top ten this list should be given consideration. These will probably be the ones that come up for most people. Try doing this exercise at the home computer and well as the work one. There will be different lists that are generated. Because the search engines gear the lists to past preferences of the computer user, it might be prudent to also perform this search at a library computer. If time is then of the essence, prepare a top 5 job sites list and start with those.

  1. Think of the Clientele You Want to Attract

This may seem obvious, however, even if a site is in the top 10, it might not have the reputation that the company is seeking after. For example, if a temping agency keeps popping up, that does not mean that this is the ideal platform to host a job posting, even if it is free. Temping agencies take a large cut of the job seeker’s hourly wage, and the company might be looking to not pay exorbitant fees for a worker that are split between two parties. Also, it may be free to post on the online white page type sites, but this might not be the type of free for all application process that the company is seeking.

When choosing free job advertising sites, it still pays to use some guidelines. Otherwise the ad might never be seen or it will be seen by too many people, and while the latter seems like a better dilemma to have, it will still take a lot of time for HR to sort through candidates if care is not taken in the beginning.