Finding the Best Air Purifier

Try to take a deep breath – if you’re able to, that is. Our indoor air has frequently much more pollution than the air we breathe outside our homes. Since most of us spend a lot of our time in the comfort of our homes, it is pertinent to prevent the badly polluted air from making us sick and prone to illnesses like allergies, respiratory problems, asthma and more.

Fret not, as we have just the air purifier buying guide for you right here to solve all your indoor air pollution issues.

Read our expert tips and buy an air purifier to get cleaner, much more healthier air in your houses and offices.

  1. Know why you need an air purifier before you go shopping.

You need to chart out exactly what your indoor air quality requirements are before you buy one. For people with allergies, an air purifier specifically designed for allergy relief should be good.

Air purifying machines with HEPA filters – High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter have been known to destroy 99.97% of all allergens in the indoor air – everything from pollen, dust to mold spores and pet dander gets eradicated.

Then there are asthma relief air purifiers and odor and chemical ones for people with those specific set of problems. So, find out your needs first.

  1. Know the size of the air purifier you need for a particular room in your house or office.

Find out the square footage of your room and consider the air purifying gadget’s size accordingly. Google online for the manufacturer suggested room sizes at air purifying machine websites.

  1. Know the features you require in your air purifying device.

What special features do you need from your air purifier?

From caster wheels and handles for ease of use and mobility, to multiple speeds of fan and digitally equipped remote controls, to many more smart features, air purifiers today have a host of functions depending on personal preferences.

  1. Know the location of your air purifier.

Exactly where you will put your machine also figures in your buying decision as you have to consider portability if you want to move it from room to room, or keep it one place, like your bedroom according to Novita.

  1. Know the amount of maintenance needed to keep your air purifier running smoothly.

You will need to change the filters every year or in 6-8 months, depending on the level of air pollution in your home or office. Some special filters do not have to be changed very often and keep working for a long time. You need to check different models to find one that suits your budget and is easy on upkeep.