Trans Epi Lasik

Benefits of Trans Epi Lasik

Trans epi lasik is a medical term used to refer to the process of vision correction usually without the aid of any mechanical blade. This is because the process usually does not entail any creation of the corneal flap. Generally, this process is contact-less and its main aim is to remove the top layer of the cornea with the help of lasers in a smooth and perfect way. However, this procedure has been subject to both criticism and backing from the various medical professionals and scientists in the recent past.

What are the benefits of trans epi lasik?

Regardless of what people have to say, it is clear that trans epi lasik provides more benefits that disadvantages. Some of its benefits include:

The procedure is contactless

As a patient, going into the surgery room knowing that there will be no contact whatsoever boosts your confidence of coming out healed. This ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the surgical procedure without having to endure any pain.

Eliminates the various risks available

As opposed to the real surgical process, trans epi lasik by eliminates the various risk of complications. Using only lasers, the latter removes the corneal flap without a chance of anything going wrong.

Heals quickly

As compared to surgery, trans epi lasik procedure allows for faster healing. The process is less invasive removing any chance that a patient may suffer from any post surgical complications. In addition to that, the patient runs less a risk of having any long-term biochemical instability regarding the cornea flap.


With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to conduct eye correctional procedures without the need for surgery. The trans epi lasik procedure uses lenses to remove the corneal flap. This allows for faster healing with less risks of acquiring complications as a result.